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We know that you have been looking for valid Skip The Dishes Coupons. To end your search we have created a blog post of valid and legit skip the dishes coupons, so that you don’t have to wander around. But first let us talk about SkipTheDishes.

 ( is Canada’s Technology Company, which provides restaurant services. Headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Work of SkipTheDishes is to connect people with their close friends and food couriers. It was founded in 2012 by Josh Simair, Jeff Adamson, Denial Simair, Andrew Chau and Chris Simair. Speaking of key people, its CEO is Kevin Edwards, CPO is Jeff Ryan and its CRO Jeff Adamson.

In today’s time, there are about 2000 employees. In the year 2013-2016, the company extended its service to many cities in Canada and America. ut of which the main cities include Burnaby, East Vancouver, Prince Albert, Edmonton, Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Mississauga , Etobicoke, Kitchener, Ottawa, Cleveland, Columbus, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Omaha and St. Louis.

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SkipTheDishes was established in 2012 by two brothers, Josh Simair and Chris Simair. At that time Chris was working as an IT Solution Architect in Cameco Corporation in Canada. And Josh was working as an Investment Banker with RBC in London, UK. Then one day Josh Simair and his colleagues worked for a long time and ordered daily food for their office from the local restaurant like every day. Josh Simair began to recognize that by creating a more efficient online food ordering delivery network. Other working professionals had another opportunity to help in their work on time.

Then one day, Josh Simair and his colleagues resigned from their job and wanted to build SkipTheDishes and started working on the concept of SkipTheDishes. He launched the network in his city Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and later established SkipTheDishes Tech Company’s head office in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since 2012, SkipTheDishes continues to help in making a tech hub across Canada as well as further advance. So the technological innovation needed for the future of food distribution.

And then by the end of 2014, Josh Simair included his brother Denial Simair and two friends of the university, Jeff Adamson and Andrew Chau as co-founders to help develop the startup of SkipTheDishes. When the company was operated, during some years, its co-founders picked up a small round of seed capital from Angel Investors and bootstrapped the company. And after some time they raised additional capital from private investors.

Further Strenthen:

To further strengthen the company and grow he received capital from other four major venture capital firms – Founder Collective, Golden Venture Partners, Felicis Ventures and FJ Labs. In December 2016, Just Eat acquired SkipTheDishes in $ 200 Million. That’s why SkipTheDishes became the subsidiary of Just Eat, but its headquarters were Winnipeg, Canada.  Until September 2018, Just Eight redirected SkipTheDishes, which could keep it up to date.

Working of SkipTheDishes: 

Through SkipTheDishes, restaurants can order food through their website or mobile app or through a multi-restaurant website and app. So In this customer scans the menu item and orders an item after selecting the restaurant of its choice to take food.

After this process, customer pick-up or delivery has to be selected. The customer can pay his food order through a credit card and also with debit card. Other options include the app or website and even in cash at the restaurant if it is pickup. The customer can find out the quality of their food. Furthermore, the duration of the preparation of the meal and the time taken in the delivery of food, from the website and the app. After receiving order, the restaurant and courier are reviewed by the customers. It helps in providing feedback and transparency to the rest of the network about its efficiency and effectiveness. This shows the status of the services of the company and the restaurants.

Jobs at SkipTheDishes: 

If you want to earn money in your spare time and grow. Then join SkipTheDishes and earn money with three great options.

(1) Drive with skip

(2) Partner with skip

(3) Career at skip

(1) Drive with skip:  If you have free time and are fond of driving, then you can earn money under courier service for which you have to click on this link ( to set up your availability, keep 100% of your delivery fees and recommendations, and get a weekly payment.

(2) Partner with skip:  SkipTheDishes has done the job of bringing the food to the restaurant to the customers. However, SkipTheDishes keeps adding new restaurants to reach new customers and increase their business, which has around 20,000 restaurant partners. So If you have a restaurant then quickly connect with Full Confidence from SkipTheDishes.

(3)Careers at SkipTheDishes:  

If you are a customer of SkipTheDishes and looking for a job. Then go to the SkipTheDishes Career Link ( and get jobs according to your qualification. Furthermore, in this you can fill applications under the main departments’ Finance, Global Fulfillment, HR, Insights and Analytics, Product, Marketing, Restaurant Partnerships, Software Engineering (Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary) and Strategic Development as shown in Open Positions.

In the main departments shown above, you can fill in different applications according to your position. Such as


In Finance Department you can apply for Audit Manager, Payroll Specialist, and Senior Finance Manager Posts at Winnipeg, Canada.


For your job application you can apply for these Positions. Includes Property Operations Coordinator, Senior Talent Management Specialist and Talent Generalist- Care, and Logistics at Winnipeg, Canada.


In this department you can find better job in the position of Business Analyst – Operations, Business Intelligence Developer, Business Intelligence Partner, and Data Analyst at Winnipeg, Canada and one another post Data Analyst at Calgary.


In Product Department you can apply for these positions Director of Product, Italian Technical Translator, Product Manager, and Product Owner at Winnipeg, Canada.


Furthermore, SkipTheDishes has better jobs for you in the position of Campaign Manager, eCRM Specialist, and Marketing Copywriter at Winnipeg, Canada.


You can apply for these posts of Partnerships Success Specialist, Partnerships Success Specialist (Bilingual French/English) at Winnipeg, Canada and Bilingual Growth Executive (Outside Sales) and in Montreal, Canada and National Partnerships Manager, Partnerships Success Specialist (Bilingual French/English) at Toronto.


If you have studied software engineering and are searching for jobs. Then this will be a better option for you. So quickly apply for these posts Cloud Infrastructure, Data Engineer or Architect, Java Developer, Senior Java Developer, Software Developer at Calgary and another Java Developer at Saskatoon. And another Cloud Infrastructure, Data Engineer, Senior Java Developer at Winnipeg.


In this department you can apply for job Consumer Insights Manager at Winnipeg place.

Skip The Dishes Gift Card Codes

Skip The Dishes Gift Card Codes

Skip The Dishes also offers to give Skip The Dishes Gift Card Codes. Furthermore, you can also gives these gift card codes as presents to your loved one. All you have to do is open Skip The Dishes Gift Card, specify the amount of gift card & email address of your friend. Further you will be required to pay the amount and that’s it. You friend will get the free Skip The Dishes Gift Card Code on his/her email address.

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