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Banggood coupon codes : ( is an International online retailer and shopping company (electronics, clothing, accessories, and beauty products etc) with Banggood USA shipping readily available. Banggood is the mixture of two words that both have the same meaning. Moreover, Banggood is made up of two words: Bang and good. In the Chinese language, “bang” means the same as the word “good”. Hence banggood is called two-language word. Whose English translate is Good + Good. Banggood Electronics Commerce Company based in Baiyun Park, Guangzhou, China.

The explorer of this company is Xin Zou. He discovered this company in September 9, 2006. This today has 2 subsidiary Yoins and Newchic companies. This company provides online shopping services in more than 200 countries. And many more areas of the world, with 0.4 millions of products in different categories. Banggood offers Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business Retail Services. In which the direct customers benefit from business. Because of that, the necessities can be purchased at a lower cost.

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Bangood coupons reddit

Banggood Online shopping company was founded by Xin Zou in September 9, 2006. Its headquarters is in Guangzhou, China. Banggood has some main categories of 0.4 million products: Electronics, Smartphone, Mobile Accessories, Apple Accessories, Clothes, Toys(such as: Robot Car, Drones, Vehicles etc), Fashion Products, Laptop & its accessories and many more.

According to the 2018 records, there are about 5000 workers. And its services are: wholesale, affiliates program, BGpay payment and dropship program. This gradually grew in its fame. In Feb. 2009, Banggood Company was registered by its explorer Xin Zou and his team in the name of Banggood Network Technology Co., LTD in Guangzhou, China. On the 23rd of the same month, Banggood Company got approval for establishment in Baiyun District of Guangzhou. In 2017 Banggood changed its name from Banggood Network Technology Co., LTD to promote its publicity, Banggood Technology Co., LTD.

This year Banggood created a new website called Yoins, which provided fashionable and trendy clothes, shoes and bags for women and men at a reasonable and low cost. The Yoins website was established so that women youth fashion could be developed.


More info on Banggood Coupons

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Understanding the facts of fashion, in 2015, Xin Zou was launched another website Newchic whose focus was to promote the fashion of young people. And the new trending fashion gave the form of wider range. It provides products such as fashionable clothes, trending shoes and bags, beauty products, wristwatches, jewelry and accessories.

Compared to the Yoins website it works extensively, which promotes the fashion world of both men and women. Banggood coupon also made its name in international e-commerce industries, increasing its leadership. And in 2018 it became one of the top 50 Chinese Global Brand Builders brands.

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The company added its shopping connections with four Chinese cities Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Yiwu and Hangzhou. And the company found in the reviews of its website ( that the company’s prices are lower than other companies. Working in these cities, it is able to target the best suppliers.



Banggood gives complete guarantee / warranty of its products. In which all kinds of products come, whether it is related to food or relayed from the electronics product. Banggood coupons guarantees its product to every user. Now we are going to tell you about some of these special types of guarantees:

  • Product Warranty: We all know that it is guaranteed according to the product. Yet Banggood coupons many other offers for its users, including product guarantees. In this, before you order the product, all the information is already reported on the print page of the product.
  • Best Price: Some companies take a lot of price on their goods purchased by their consumers. But Banggood coupon lets its customers’ favorite products retail and at reasonable cost.
  • 3-Day Product Guarantee: If a user accidentally goes to another product instead of the product ordered by him or the product is broken or found bad. Then the product in Banggood will be returned within 3 days. Along with the purchase of a user product, if any offer has been redeemed, then the offer will be refunded.
  • Repair of products: If there is any malfunction in the product of the user, then the product will be rectified by Banggood and will be delivered to the user free delivery.

Banggood Coupon & Deals/Offers :

Banggood Coupons reddit has brought one of the best offers for its customers, in which the consumer gets huge savings on their ordered product. Some of the best savings we have brought for you are:

  • First Order: If you are a new user in Banggood, then Banggood coupons has brought you a great offer in which you will get a great discount from S. $100 on your first order. For this, you have to join before free and have to make your first order above $100. And offers to redeem offers with new user and take advantage of huge savings.
  • Free ShippingoverUS$19.99:  If you buy more than $19.99 then we have brought the best offer. In this offer you can get free delivery on purchases of more than $19.99. And you can take advantage of Banggood’s offers.
  • Electronics Week: Banggood has brought great savings of 70% on electronic products. So quickly order your favorites and take advantage of this Electronics Week. With the purchase of some electronics products like: Electronics Accessories, 3D Printer Supplies, Module Board, Arduino Compatible etc., you can avail of this offer without any promo code. Also, you can take advantage of free shipping on orders of more than $450.
  • Up to 43% Off On Automation & Smart Devices: You will get more than 40% savings on Automation & Smart Devices products in Banggood coupons. For this banggood coupon page has already given a discounted product list. So you have to order your required product from this list. There is no need for any banggood promo code for this. Order yourself quickly and get a better savings of more than 40% on your order.

So stay connected with us and finds the savings of the product of your choice without any promo code. Make more your life even better. We will continue to bring you many great offers.


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